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At Burri Insurance we believe that Catholic institutions should be able to access the same strategies, carriers, funding models, and product designs available to other employers, yet also conform to Church teaching.

If you are a Catholic institution or simply an employer that wishes to have their employee benefits align with Catholic teaching, we can help

Healthcare Reform, state mandated ‘benefits’, and other regulations have made created unique problems for not only Church organizations but private employers as well that wish to provide health benefits to their employees that does not violate their conscience as well.

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Religious Employers

Church plan status, ERISA, Exemptions and Accommodations, Large employers’ rules all impact the Church, as your question below.

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Private Employers

How can I make sure my plan conforms to Church teaching? What if the laws change? We like our plan but want to reflect our morals, can you help? Ask below.

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We help Catholic Institutions maximize the value of their employee benefits in such a way that it helps forward your mission.

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