What Questions Should You Ask at RCRI about the Affordable Care Act?


Participating in RCRI's annual convention is a great way to meet face-to-face with potential and current vendors to find out whether they are the right people to work for your institution.  One of the best ways you can ensure a vendor is a correct fit is to ask the right questions. We have promulgated the most pressing questions you should ask to find out if a vendor can properly serve your institution.

·         Exchange Notices and Insurance Employee Verification Notices

  1.  How should I complete appeals of exchange notices?  Why should I complete an appeal?  Can't I ignore the notice?
  2. How should I report who is an "employee" on my insurance employee verification notice?
  3. What steps should I take to educate employees on availability of coverage and subsidies, on the Exchange?
  4. What happens with the IRS's "Data Hub"?

·         IRS Audits

  1. Are churches exempt from IRS audits? 

·         Health Plans

  1. Is my institution required to cover same-sex spouses, transgender reassignment surgery or other moral issues in its health plan?
  2. Is my institution required to aggregate for Affordable Care Act purposes?
  3. Which auxiliaries can participate in my institution's health plan?
  4. Is my health plan subject to ERISA?
  5.  How do I protect my church plan status?

·         Internal Revenue Code

  1. Are religious members exempt from federal income tax?
  2. Are religious members exempt from complying with the Affordable Care Act's Individual Mandate?
  3. Can religious members legally participate in a Diocesan health plan?
  4. What are the requirements for religious members to participate in Social Security?
  5.  How can someone be an employee under the Internal Revenue Code, yet be exempt from other federal laws (overtime, OSHA, workers' compensation, minimum wage, etc.)? 

Ask these questions not to get the answer you're looking for, but to vet the vendors you trust to see if they provide you real answers, or just try to sell you a product.  We hope this list of questions will be of assistance in the difficult task of finding the best, most competent advisors.


As we have served the Catholic Church for over 30 years, we have answers to these, and many other difficult questions, that church leadership face every day.


We hope you consider starting a conversation with us. We are available by appointment during the show, and are hosting dinners Wednesday and Thursday nights at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. 


We can be contacted during the show by email or phone listed below.


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